Where to Buy Nitrogen Gas for HVAC 

Where to Buy Nitrogen Gas for HVAC? 

Feeling tired, hot, and stressed after a day at work, only to discover that your HVAC system doesn’t work properly. 

And you’ll probably start thinking about when you did a gas refill, right? But what if you did a refill a few months ago, spending hundreds of dollars? 

It happens when your HVAC system leaks and your gas continuously escapes from the system.

And now you wonder where to buy nitrogen gas for HVAC system, but what about the last money you spend on a refill? What if it happened again? 

You can stop this from happening again by buying nitrogen gas from a reputable source. Thus, we have listed the best 5 nitrogen gas companies that can help you maintain your HVAC system without emptying your pockets. 

So, let’s start digging…. 

Nitrogen Gas for HVAC: A Quick Rundown

Occupying 78% of the atmospheric air of Earth, Nitrogen gas is a non-toxic, odorless, colorless, non-flammable, and the most naturally-occurring abundant element. 

Nitrogen gas is an essential component of all living things, but it also has many commercial uses, such as it is used in; 

  • Preparation of fertilizers 
  • Food processing industries
  • Production of explosives
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Aircraft fuel systems
  • Tire filling systems
  • Transistors and circuits Manufacturing industries
  • HVAC systems 
  • Chemical and pharmacological industries

The Uses of Nitrogen Gas in HVAC Systems 

Where to Buy Nitrogen Gas for HVAC 

The uses of Nitrogen gas in our daily life, as well as commercial life, are limitless. Some of the reasons why Nitrogen has been an ideal choice for HVAC systems are enlisted below:

Less Expensive and Easy Availability

Nitrogen gas is relatively less expensive and readily available for HVAC systems than CFC, Puron, and Freon as it is already present in the atmosphere in a more significant amount and can be processed efficiently. 

Non-Damageable Reactions

It is an inert gas, all thanks to the triple and strong bonds in its molecular structure. It won’t cause any damageable reaction when interacting with other elements or gases. This is why it is also used to detect industry leaks. 

Resists Corrosion On Metals

When interacting with oxygen, Nitrogen gas performs an oxidation process, reducing the risks of corrosion on the metallic structures and promoting safety and preservation. 

Prevents Ice Freezing

It promotes the efficiency and functionality of your systems’ coils by preventing ice from freezing. This means your coils and HVAC system won’t frequently require checking, maintenance, or repairing. 

Resists Escaping of Gases

Nitrogen gas is also used as a blanketing or pressurizing gas to reduce the chances of evaporation of gasses from the system. Also, due to its inert nature, there is no chance of flammability or any other harmful reaction to occur. 

Maintenance of Nitrogen Gas in HVAC System

The regular maintenance of Nitrogen gas is critical if you want to enjoy a peaceful life. If your HVAC system has any moisture trapped within the system, nitrogen gas effectively absorbs the moisture and promotes the overall safety of the system’s coils.

Moreover, if any contamination, dirt, or pollutants are trapped in your HVAC system, Nitrogen gas is effective for flushing them out and making your HVAC system free of contamination.

Similarly, nitrogen gas confirms no leakage from the coils, pipes, and other systems parts. 

In short, Nitrogen gas is an overall solution for all your HVAC systems manufacturing, maintenance, and repairing processes. It is readily available in cylinders that can be stored and used whenever needed.

Do You Need a License to Buy Nitrogen Gas for HVAC? 

In simple words, NO. You don’t need a license to buy nitrogen gas for your HVAC system. 

You can easily visit a store or order your new Nitrogen kit online for your commercial or household HVAC system use. 

And if you are availing the services of a certified HVAC tech, then he will bring the Nitrogen tank, its regular, and other tools and equipment on his visit. 

Best 5 Nitrogen Gas Retailers in the United States

Where to Buy Nitrogen Gas for HVAC 


Matheson is one of the biggest names in the industry of nitrogen gas retailers, having an extensive variety of gases for commercial and home-based use as well as related equipment, appliances, tools, and other accessories. 

They deal with a premium quality range of gases like Nitrogen, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Helium, Carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide, Argon, and many more. 

Moreover, gas purification systems, gas detection systems, medical gases, welding gases, and liquefied gases, along with their tools, and equipment, are available at Matheson.

Air Source Industries

With more than 70 years of experience in the industry, Air Source is one of the oldest and most reliable Nitrogen gas suppliers for your HVAC. 

Along with Nitrogen cylinders, they deal with many medical gases, industrial gases, food-manufacturing gases, liquefied gases with their tools, and related products. You can easily rent or refill your Nitrogen gas from Air Source at the most affordable rates. Also, you can get your Nitrogen work done through their delivery services.

Reaction Industries

Reaction Industries is also one of the prominent and well-known retailers of Nitrogen and other gases for commercial and domestic use. 

They have been in the industry for more than a half-decade, they are mostly famous for the massive machines and equipment they manufacture, but their gas supply for HVAC and other systems is no less popular. 

Additionally, they offer technical support and customized products and accessories to thousands of customers throughout the United States. 

You can get the best Nitrogen price deals here, whether you want to buy a tanker or require a refill.  

Airgas Company 

Airgas is one of the leading suppliers of various medical, commercial, atmospheric, and household gases in all 50 states of the United States. 

You can find Nitrogen gas, Oxygen, Argon, Carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide, Acetylene, and many more. 

Moreover, they also deal with welding machines, safety helmets, MIG carbon-steel wires, guns, coated work gloves, first-aid boxes, glasses, ear plugs, fire, and electricity-resistant clothes, and many more products at the most budget-friendly rates. You can also get your Nitrogen tank delivered to your doorsteps with Airgas.

West Air Gases

Having been in the industry since 1970, West Air gases is a reputable, reliable, and pocket-friendly source in the United States to get your Nitrogen gas. 

You can get the best HVAC Nitrogen tank for sale deals here. Along with Nitrogen tanks, you can get a variety of gas tanks, liquefied gases, related accessories, welding supplies, and safety products. 

You can get your HVAC Nitrogen tank and regular along with other materials at the best rates delivered at your location quickly by ordering through their website.

How Much Does Nitrogen Gas Cost? 

Where to Buy Nitrogen Gas for HVAC 

Nitrogen gas can cost you from $0.13 to $2 per litter, depending on the amount, purity state, and the supplier. This way, a 10-liter tank of Nitrogen gas can cost you $20, a 15-liter for $30, a 20-liter for $40, and a 25-liter for $50. 

Moreover, these are the prices for Nitrogen gas only. The cost of the tank and its regular tools, and other accessories are separate and one-time investments only. Once you have the equipment, you can quickly go for the refill for $40 per litter. 

How to Use Nitrogen Gas for Flush And Leak Test: A Step By Step Guide

  1. Before getting started, wear safety gloves, a mask, and goggles for ultimate protection. 
  2. Prepare the Nitrogen tank with a pressure regulator, adjustable wrench, gauge, and other equipment. 
  3. Power off the unit. 
  4. Access all the coils and other parts of the HVAC system by opening all the panels of the unit.
  5. If you find any filters while opening the panels, remove them so the Nitrogen gas won’t damage them. 
  6. If there is any dust, contamination, or debris present, remove it all. You can use a blower for this purpose. 
  7. Near the coils, you can identify the service port on the unit. Attach one hose to it and the other hose end to the lowest point of the unit. By this, you are making way for Nitrogen gas to flow throughout the HVAC system and do its work. 
  8. Open the valve of the Nitrogen tank. You have already adjusted the gas pressure in the beginning as per the recommended levels. 
  9. After allowing the Nitrogen gas to flow around the system and unit, wait at least 10 to 20 minutes for the gas to perform its work. 
  10. Now, close the tank’s valve and stop the Nitrogen gas flow. 
  11. Remove the hose from the ports of the units.
  12. Place the filters back that were removed and close the access units of the HVAC system. 
  13. Turn on the power now and check for possible leakage. If there is no leakage or other complication, consider your system flushed and more efficient than before. 

Preventive Measures To Remember While Handling Nitrogen Gas 

Where to Buy Nitrogen Gas for HVAC 

Mishandling Leading To Oxygen Deficiency: 

As we know, Nitrogen gas has no warning characteristics like odor or color, as it expands 695 times in volume when vaporized. 

Therefore, you must be careful while using it because if a more significant amount of Nitrogen gas vaporizes, it will decrease the oxygen ratio in the atmosphere to breathe.

That affects the consciousness levels of the people present and can also cause death if the oxygen level falls extremely low. 

Quickly Freezing Properties:

Nitrogen gas is a cold chemical by nature and has the specialized property of freezing very quickly. 

Therefore, always wear protective goggles, masks, and gloves before using them, as they can rapidly freeze under the eyelids, eye fluids, or on skin tissue and cause damage.

Well-Ventilated Surroundings:

Always handle Nitrogen gas in well-ventilated surroundings, as excessive pressure can result in extreme damage-causing explosions. 

Tight Fitting of the Tanks:

Once you are done with your work, ensure that you have tightly secured the lid of the tanker. 

Similarly, before attaching the regulator to the tank, observe tools and equipment prior and confirm that they are not damaged, ripped, or broken. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Buy a Small Nitrogen Tank With a Regulator Online? 

Absolutely! You can easily order your nitrogen kit, tanker, accessories, and equipment or refill only through the website of the above-enlisted Nitrogen companies and get your products delivered to your doorsteps. 

How Much Does A Nitrogen Tank Refill Cost?

Nitrogen tank refill costs can range between $0.13 to $1.78 per liter, depending on the type and retailing company you choose. And if you are buying nitrogen gas or its equipment online, add additional charges. 

Where To Buy Nitrogen Gas Near Me? 

You can buy Nitrogen gas from any of the above-listed companies or your local gas supplier nearer to your location. Moreover, online ordering is also an option.

What type of Nitrogen is used in HVAC?

Copper coils are often pressure tested with N2 in order to determine if there are any leaks present. This is especially important for HVAC systems, as a manufacturer needs to be confident that the product they’re shipping is high quality and won’t break easily.

Final Thought

The importance of Nitrogen gas for medical and atmospheric purposes was well-known to us, but its significance for HVAC systems was unpredictable. 

However, by the end of this article, we hope you now have the answer to where to buy Nitrogen gas for HVAC and why it is crucial, along with the method to use it and safety measures to avoid possible damages. 

So, don’t waste your precious money and time on unreliable Nitrogen suppliers, and get your Nitrogen kit, tanker and refill from the top listed retailers right on your doorsteps

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