How Long Does it Take to Get an HVAC Certificate

How Long Does it Take to Get an HVAC Certificate?

Who wants to spend their precious four years of life doing degree programs when an HVAC certificate can do the job, right? 

Well, without underestimating the importance of degrees, a certificate would help you become a pro in your field.

And here we are to answer your question, i.e., how long does it take to get an HVAC certificate? 

Surprisingly, you can quickly get your HVAC certificate in only 6 months and start working as a technician right after the certificate completion.

Sounds amazing, right? But what about the earning part and the potential of getting the certificate? 

Let’s dig a little deeper and discover all the important aspects of getting an HVAC certificate!

HVAC Certifications: A Short Rundown 

HVAC, is a combined set of systems that are present in different forms in domestic and household for ventilation, heating and air conditioning. 

And getting an HVAC certificate or degree makes you an HVAC technician, a person holding the license to repair, maintain, or install HVAC systems.

The growth rate of this profession is as increasing as the use of HVAC systems in the commercial and domestic sectors. 

Every home, office, mall industry, or hospital with Air Conditioners, refrigerators, heaters, or ventilation systems installed regularly needs HVAC technicians to install, repair, check and maintain the systems.

In short, it is rare to find a building with no HVAC system installed in this era. So, the scope and opportunities for certified HVAC technicians are just limitless.

How to Become an HVAC Certified Technician? The Scope and Time Duration

How Long Does it Take to Get an HVAC Certificate

Bachelor’s programs in HVAC mechanics and management are readily available in US-based universities and institutes worldwide. 

However, apart from it, the following are some approaches to kick-start your career as a certified HVAC technician. So, let’s get started!

On Job Training And Self-Study

On-job training and self-study are considered the oldest and slowest way to become certified HVAC tech.

In it, you’ll start working under the supervision of a senior HVAC technician as an assistant and learn from practical experiences. Along with the job, you can pursue self-study courses and programs for theory. 

The on-job training could be paid or unpaid, depending upon the company or technician you’re assisting. With this option, you will require at least 3 to 5 years to get your license.

6 Months To 2 Year Certification Programs

If you have passed your high school exams, you can avail of the HVAC tech certifications programs that have time duration between 6 months to 2 years.

Although few educational institutes offer these time duration courses compared to the 4-year degree programs in HVAC, you can still find some of them if you search diligently.

At this time, you will be doing theoretical studies, practicals as well as internships that can be either paying or un-paying.

Apprenticeship Programs

Apprenticeships are also a considerable option for earning money along with studies. You can easily search for HVAC systems repairing companies or technicians and consult them with your official documentation. 

The work experience of apprenticeships will serve as a cherry on top whenever you will enter the market as an HVAC tech and search for jobs.

Benefits Of Apprenticeship Programs:

  • You don’t need any certificates or experience in the field to apply for apprenticeships.
  • The opportunities of apprenticeship programs are much more than other on-hand training programs.
  • You’ll have annual vacations, medical care, and other facilities, just like permanent employees of the company.
  • If you are doing apprenticeships with your degree program, you don’t have to work for another three years to apply for a license. You’ll already have enough experience officially.
  • Your employment status will be permanent after your trial period, so you don’t have to worry about securing a job after your studies.
  • As a junior or associate, you will explore various HVAC systems fields. So, by the end of your degree, you will be fully aware of your area of interest and probably your plans.

Skill Sets Of A Certified HVAC Technician

How Long Does it Take to Get an HVAC Certificate

Being an HVAC tech is certainly not a piece of cake. Understanding the HVAC mechanics and then coming up with the solution for their fixations, repair, and maintenance requires a lot of knowledge and practice.

As a certified HVAC technician, the basic skills you will be required to have a successful career are as follows: 

  • Repairing Air conditioning, Ventilation, and heating systems
  • Installation, removal, and maintenance of HVAC systems
  • Regulation of HVAC systems performances
  • Identification of problems with HVAC systems
  • Adjustment and balancing of the gases in HVAC systems
  • Management of the tools, equipment, and accessories of HVAC systems
  • Increasing the efficiency and functionality of the systems
  • Providing information and counselling the owners of the HVAC systems regarding their regulation and working.

What Does A Certified HVAC Technician Do?

Although the profession of HVAC technician runs around the same installation, repair, and maintenance of the HVAC system, the duties are more than handling those typical wires and checking the AC’s wind.

Yes! The duties of a certified HVAC tech are more extensive than those of typical practices, and so are their salaries. So, let’s have an overview!

  • Identifying the causes behind system breakdowns
  • Installation and removal of damaged parts of the HVAC systems
  • Maintenance of the HVAC systems
  • Updating both commercial and household-based HVAC systems
  • Making plans for the current and future owners of systems
  • Recommending updates and replacements of the parts and systems
  • Taking mandatory measures for its safety and long-term working capability

Getting a Certified HVAC Technician License: A Basic Guide  

While starting as an independent HVAC certified technician or securing a job at a company, you will need a license. 

The criteria for the license include holding a degree or diploma from a respectable institution, technical school, or vocational school or having three to five years of work experience, as well as passing an exam with a theoretical and practical aspect.

The theoretical portion of the HVAC-certified license test will contain general information about HVAC systems and their repair, maintenance, installation, or detection of problems. 

In contrast, the practical portion will need you to identify the issue and have a workable solution for its repair, as well as read and understand the technical diagrams.

Is Certified HVAC Technician A Worthy Profession?

How Long Does it Take to Get an HVAC Certificate

HVAC tech jobs are certainly challenging as they include understanding the highly-complex mechanics and functionality of HVAC systems. 

But if we compare the paying ratio of the HVAC techs, the field is worth every penny, energy, and time you spend.

Certified HVAC tech is among the most highly-paying and in-demand fields among all other technical fields. 

Finding a home, office, school, factory, hospital, or any building that doesn’t have a ventilation system, Air Conditioner, or heater installed is difficult.

The HVAC systems machines are found everywhere in significant amounts, and so the jobs of the HVAC techs are plentiful and all around the world.

Moreover, HVAC technicians often overwork, especially during extreme weather conditions. Thus, it is relatively easy to get part-time work and earn a passive income from it for HVAC-certified techs.

FAQs: Answering Your Common HVAC Certificate Queries

How To Get an HVAC Certificate Online?

You can get an HVAC certificate online by enrolling in an educational institute, vocational school, or technical school that offers online courses and certificate programs. You can even find universities that offer 4-year online degree programs in AC technician.

How Much Does an HVAC School Cost?

HVAC Certificate programs in the United States can cost you from $1500 to $15000 from vocational or technical schools. And if you choose 4-year degree programs in HVAC, the cost can range from $15000 to $35000, depending upon the institute you choose.

How Long is an HVAC Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeship in the HVAC technician program is 4 to 5 years long. It contains both classroom-based learnings as well as on-job training along with regular earnings increasing at intervals of 6 months or yearly-based.

How Long Does It Take To Become an HVAC Journeyman?

You can start your career as a certified HVAC journeyman right after completing your certifications or degree and getting a license in HVAC. Becoming an HVAC journeyman requires 3 to 5 years of experience in HVAC and passing the theoretical and practical exam for a license.

How long does it take to get HVAC certified in California?

HVAC certification programs typically last six months to two years in California. After completing a program, you will earn either a certificate or an associate’s degree. Most new HVAC techs start by working with experienced technicians.

How do I get HVAC certified in California?

To become certified in California, gain an HVAC license by completing an HVAC education program, on-the-job training, or gaining four years of journeyman experience. As soon as you’ve obtained your license, you’ll need to obtain the NATE and the EPA certifications. Both of these certifications are common in the HVAC industry.

Final Thoughts 

Getting an HVAC certificate can take around six months to 5 years, depending upon the type of course and institute you are choosing.

However, to obtain a license to start working as an HVAC tech independently, you must have three to 5 years of experience working in the field and be proficient enough to pass both theoretical and practical exams.

We hope that this article has answered your query of “how long does it take to get HVAC certified.” Still, if you have questions, drop them in the comment box, and our experts will get back to you.

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